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My Travel Girls

A woman travelling alone? You must be so brave! Aren´t you scared? Isn´t it dangerous? I used to encounter such questions and reactions before and during my journey all the time. Unfortunately, there are still a few places in the world where women have to be more careful but it seems that the popularity of female solo travel is rising.

Sometimes I thought that travelling would have been easier if I had been a man. I also wanted to cover myself a few times because of some people staring at me and I was fed up with questions why I was alone and where my husband was. Nevertheless, I think I met more solo women travellers than men! Despite of some obstacles women are not scared anymore and they are showing the world that it is possible to travel as a solo woman!

I was very happy that there were girls around me who had done this before. Both Juli and Ksena supported me and their experience gave me courage as well as blogs and Facebook groups of solo female travellers.

It is not always easy and solo travelling is not only rainbows and unicorns, you also have to sacrifice a lot. And for sure it is not for everyone. I had been incredibly scared before I left but now I am proud of myself, I took the opportunity, made the most of it and transformed it to the  greatest experience of my life.

Of course I also met a lot of amazing and inspirational men during my journey but I want to dedicate this post to the girls. I will introduce you to only a few of them although I want to thank all for the opportunity to get to know them, share time, experiences, feelings and help one another during our travels. I asked them why, for how long they had been travelling and what they plans were. I was also interested in what they missed, if they had any bad experience and the most important thing: why they love solo travelling!

Marie-Pier, 32, Canada 

I met Marie-Pier in a hostel in Langkawi, Malaysia right after my arrival from Ko Lipe. The following day we took our scooters and drove around the islands, went up a mountain by incredible Sky Cab cable car and had a lot of fun at 7 Wells waterfall!  We also shared ride from Langkawi to Georgetown in Penang. But it wasn´t the usual tourist way, we used only local transport that day. Although we were both in the Philippines at the same time we unfortunately did not meet but we are still in touch and exchange our travel stories!

How she inspired me

Marie-Pier is a very determined traveller and always goes the locals way. She has more experience because she had already travelled solo in South America and some of her stories from that journey were amazing. I felt sorry for her when she got sick for about a week in the Philippines and her phone got stolen. Never mind, she always looks on the bright side and it seems that there is very exciting future waiting for her in the Philippines.

Sarah Atirah, 32, Malaysia

I shared the same hostel room with Sarah in Ko Lipe, Thailand. One morning we started talking and realised that we were both heading to the same event organised by Trash Hero Ko Lipe. Every Monday they gather mainly tourists and clean one of the nearby beaches. After the event Sarah organised a private snorkelling trip for us that turned to be great and also thanks to her I got a cheaper boat ticket to Langkawi. Moreover, her nice mum picked us up at the port in Langkawi and they gave me a lift to my hostel. The next day Sarah invited me for diner! We talked especially about food and dezerts because Sarah is a baker. One day I would love to meet her in  Europe and take her to a special desert tour. She also introduced me to another Malaysian girl and solo traveller Hariza who I met later on in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you, Sarah, for your kindness and hospitality!

How she inspired me

Sarah runs her own business. After years of working in a hotel she decided to quit and do what she loves. And now she makes food for schools, friends etc. She would also like to help women in Ko Lipe and inspire them to do the same.

Daisy, 26, Taiwan 

Daisy, me and a few other volunteers helped during a café opening near Georgetown, Malaysia. It was always fun to be around Daisy because she is generally very happy person and I have never seen her grumpy. We spent about two weeks together during which we were also exploring culinary treasures of Penang. We both love food and she knows a lot about Chinese cuisine so it was great to have her around. Then we met again in Kuala Lumpur and Taiwan which is her home country. She helped me a lot in Taiwan, introduced me to other locals and was always ready to answer my questions about travelling there.

How she inspired me

It seems that Daisy is always happy. She has big plans and is ready to go for them. At the moment she is studying English, working as an occupational therapists in Taipei and later on wants to study in Melbourne, Australia.

Sabrina, 26, Canada 

My second volunteering workaway experience took place in a town of Malaka, Malaysia. Together with a few other volunteers we were responsible for cleaning and booking administration of 2 guesthouses. I spent most of my second week there with Sabrina from Canada and Nina from Spain who are both solo travellers. We had so much fun and spent precious time together and I will never forget it! Later on me and Sabrina went throught similar not very pleasant situation. And although being on other continents sharing and talking to her helped me a lot. Thank you!

How she inspired me

Sabrina has great ideas and opinions and is amazing and inspirational woman. Not only because she ran her own business back home but also because of her bravery. The fact that she is a woman does not limit her travelling experiences. I sometimes don’t do things or don’t go places because it might be dangerous for a woman, she does the opposite.

Maria and Montse, 42 and 48, Spain

Marie and Montse were not solo traveller but I have to write about them (answers above are only from Montse).

After landing at Cebu, the Philippines I had to get to the port to catch a boat to the Bohol island. I wanted to share a taxi with someone so I approached 2 women who were just buying SIM cards at the airport. Not only did I share a ride to the port but we stayed at the same hostel and we spent 3 amazing days together. They literally adopted me and became my Spanish mamas. I joined them on a snorkelling trip and Spanish paella party, we drove scooters around Bohol and chased beautiful sunsets. Moreover, I was happy when our paths crossed again and we met after 2 weeks in Port Barton on another island of Palawan.

How they inspired me

They are both very fit PE teachers so they train regularly and look amazing. I loved how active, positive, friendly and great they were with Phillipino locals. Simply lovely women who will stay in my corazon!

So who is going next? 😀

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